Japanese white pine - candle balance

Dear fellow bonsai enthusiasts!

So i have this JWP in refinement. Primary and secondary branches have been set and are good to go. Now focussing on tertiary refinement. I have done a lot of research on long needle single flush pines and want to confirm:
To balance energy we don’t pluck needles or pinch candles in the growing season. Instead with long needle single flush we wait till new needles harden off, can be checked by sheath shedding around early summer. Then we cut back new growth leaving some portion of the new growth to guarantee new buds for next year.
As you can see on photos below I have a strong candle with a very weak candle behind it on one branch. Auxine doing his work I assume. So should I just leave it like this? Once it hardens off I can then cut new growth to same proportion among the whole tree?

Thanks in advance!

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Hi @MichaelNL,
I leave my JWP alone until after it drops needle sheaths, then prune to length.