5 Needle Pine - Extended Discussion

Hi folks!

I just wanted to let everyone know that there is an 8 minute extended discussion video in the archive that dives more into 5 Needle Pine summer care.

Check it out (link below) and feel free to continue the discussion here.


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I was looking for the thread for last Tuesday’s Live Stream but was not able to find it.

I wanted to know how 5 short needle pine pruning differs from the 5 long needle Limber pines discussed in the live stream.

I have a Catherine Elizabeth variety of JWP in development (planted in a pond basket) that was from Iseli Nurseries two years ago… The three is about 1 foot high and the trunk is about 1 1/4 inch thick.

There were lots of candles this year, but they dId not extend very far. However there are a lot of them and they are densely packed. The needles on the tree (old and new) are quite short (1 1/2 inch max).

Should I be removing some of the candles and if so, is now the correct time?


5 needle pines are long needle single flush pines. The cultivar you have is a dwarf variety which is comparable to zuisho white pine which. Dwarf varieties will produce a shorter needle that the true white pine/5 needle pine. In these cases you can pinch the candle as it elongates as you would do for single flush short needle pine such as scots pine, lodge pole pine, shore pines etc. Since you said and described your line as still be developed just let it grow until you get it the size you want. Pruning to develop branch structure/remove flaws is okay to do now.

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Thank you for the reply and information. It is greatly appreciated.

I have to admit I find Pines a very confusing topic for Bonsai as it seems each type requires somewhat different treatment . Thanks again.