Jwp candles management during refinement

I have looked at various streams and I can’t really grasp the concept on how to manage the candles of a jwp in refinement.
In one video rayan explains that the candles should be pinched in order to distribute energy to weaker candles in the interior.
In an other video though rayan says not to pinch a jwp because the remaining needles would extend in length.
So what do we do? Do we pinch or do we let the candles grow and harden and then we prune back to desired length? It seems strange not to pinch because how are weaker candles and interior buds going to elongate if we don’t remove the auxine from the the strong candles???
Can some one explain or give me a link to a stream where this info is covered. Thanks!!!

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Hi @swissbonsai,
It’s my understanding that if you don’t want the internodes to get too long, prune back after the sheaths drop, retaining some new needles which have just hardened. At this time, you have the best chance of the cut site developing new buds for next year. If you prune back in early fall, you are hoping to stimulate back buds which have begun to push.
It’s good to leave some fresh needles on JWP, of the branch may die.

The JWP is a long needle single flush pine. There are more than 1 videos on it, the last (if i am not mistaken) the one that Todd Schlafer is working on a tree while Ryan discusses with him.
As i understand from the videos: no candle pinching on single flush long needle pines (JWP).

Check out the 5 needle pine pruning, 5 needle pine extended discussion and miyajima white pine streams. There are some others as well that you could browse through.

Like @AndyK and @Stavros said no pinching on single flush long needle pines such as JWP, limber pines or EWP. Once the sheaths drop you can prune the new growth to desired length and can expect new buds from that cut site or you can prune off those areas completely back to fine interior growth. Also you don’t want to pluck needles expect for the croches, downward growing needles and crossing needles.

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