Pinus Palustris Design

Thoughts on a design for this tre

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How long are those needles?! Definitely saying “palm tree” style to me😂
Ramifications and smaller needles would be required for classic design.
Ultimately the tree will let you know what it wants. Sometimes they just want to live in the ground.

Is this species a multi flush? Can I remove some of the older needles below and cut the apical candle and expect a second flush of growth?

I haven’t encountered this pine, and don’t know if its single or multi flush, but it looks like a fighter! If you really want to bonsai it have you thought of grafting on a more appropriate
cultivar to the top? (Japanese Black?). I wonder if you will ever get the needles down in length, but you can always try to prove me wrong. Are there any side shoots? It looks like just 1 super candle.

Hello Andy, yes the lower portion of the trunk is full of buds, see pics. Would JBP scions take to this ?

I thought I asked Ryan wheather this was a single or multi flush in one of the Q&A. I’ll look through them. I think it’s a multi flush and I will remove some of the older needles at the beginning of July since we have a longer growing season in the south. Not sure about cutting the candle at the apex.

Hi Cjlopez,
I don’t know if JBP will take. Either find someone who has tried it, or take a deep breath and be the first.
Another alternative is to look at this species in its natural environment for inspiration.
If in doubt about singing or multi flush, you could just treat it as single, and be sure to leav fresh needles when you cut the candle. With those back buds it looks like you will have a good chance.

So I’m experimenting with this Pinus Palustris and everything I’ve researched indicated this is a multiflush pine. I removed the top 3/4 of the main candles and removed some of the previous years needles. Hopefully it will respond with a second flush.

Looks great @Cjlopez4,
If you can transition the energy into the back buds, you can grow some structure. Working on needle length will be interesting. Is this pine native to where you live? There is a lot to be said for growing natives.

Yes it’s a native to the south. Hoping the cut candle at the apex willl allow resources to the bottom portion of the tree. However, more foilage at the top means heavy resources flowing through the trunk and more back buds.

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Update photos: lower budding has developed a bit. The apex of tree is sending out a 4-5 inch candle.

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