Black Pine consideration

Maybe this is a mixture of topics, but wanted to get some design and pruning advice. I recently purchased this pine that was allowed to grow free for the last 3 seasons. What are my real options at this point? Cutback this years growth and start fresh? Wait until spring and see what the new candles bring? My first thought was to keep it compact, I can clearly see 2 pads, maybe 3. Maybe there’s an argument for letting the branches elongate and design from there. Also, change of angle is up in the air as well., as there are flaws I’d like to make more pleasing. Your feedback is welcome!

Take a look at the Multi-Flush Development Pruning stream from 7 Aug 2018. Based upon my notes from the stream I would cut the strong shoots back leaving about a dozen needle pairs (perhaps fewer if the tree is really strong). You should get buds at the cut sites in a manner similar to single flush pines cut in June. Leave the weaker shoots so they gain strength and encourage back budding. Medium shoots can either be cut back like the stronger ones to get buds at the tips or left to encourage back budding like the weak ones. Depends upon if there are any interior buds on those. It is also a good time to prune out the structural flaws to reduce to 2 branches at each junction. The conversion of the green stem to the more yellow/brown is the indication that this type of work should be done. Ryan targets the 2nd to 3rd week of August for this work - late enough so it is not decandling, but early enough to get good bud set.

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