Branch wiring problem

Hi all after some advice. Pretty sure I have damaged the branch when wiring it for the first time. Still learning to wire the right way. But have noticed this one the branch couple of weeks later after taking the wiring off. Took the wire of because after watching the way Ryan does the wiring streams realised I was doing it wrong. Branch is still showing new growth but don’t know what to do with this or if it will get worse or cause issues for my tree.

I’d leave it be, let it heal over.
Maybe clean the wound a bit and apply some putty.
If/when rewireing that branch be careful when bending, those scars are pretty deep and there will always be dead tissue beneath it, thus making the branch brittle when bending at those points.

Hi Kenze. Thanks for the reply. It’s good to know. Have learnt heaps that I was doing wrong since being on Mirai. Won’t be rewiring until it heals over

What kind of tree is it? You should be okay to rewire it. Just be careful to miss those wounds if possible. You’re still going to want to put the branch in position and give it shape though. I’ve done what you did with my hinoki and juniper. Rewired with no issues. Just made sure not to put too much pressure on any problem spots.

Michael here’s what I’m trying suggested by Michael Hagedorn [A Trick for Correcting a Wire-Scarred Branch- | Michael Hagedorn


Oh thank you lani that cool I will give that a go

It is a juniper squmata about 30 years old

As @Bonsai_Bentley said, you can rewire it to get it in position missing those scars with the wire. As for the Michael’ method that would work well on deciduous, especially those with rougher bark, but since juniper bark is smooth that would just create more scarring.

On a Juniper, scars aren’t a big deal. They will heal if they’re small. On a deciduous, the sooner you can heal scars the better.

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