What am I doing wrong

Hi guys. I have watched so many streams of Ryan wiring. Yet still having problems. When wiring I’m still pulling flesh parts of the bark that of the branches. I know it’s something I’m doing wrong but can’t work it out.

Have you watched the wiring streams and practiced wiring on cut branches?


It is critical to use both hands correctly. The one holds the end of the wire and your off hand securely holds the wire on the branch to ensure it is stable and stationary. If your off hand does not secure the wire it will move and cause damage to the bark and cambium. Speaking from experience as well as from learning the right way after doing it wrong for decades!


I have watched a couple of times. Even tried watching while wiring and old branch. I don’t know if I’m focusing on my wiring hand to much and not my support hand like what Ryan said not to do. Not use

One of the most important things I’ve found with wiring (especially with copper) is to have your off-hand pinch and hold the wire and branch together. Not super tight, but enough so that the wire isn’t rubbing the branch as you are applying the next wrap.

I don’t know if that’s where your issue lies, but that helped me greatly reduce the amount of scarring I made while applying wire.


Thanks for the help guys. Appreciate it alot.i think when I go to make my next turn in the wire my support hand is on the wrong spot of the wire because I found the branch moves alittle when I do it. I have found after starting on bonsai mirai I’m starting from the beginning because things I have been shown are alot different to Ryan’s way.

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This may sound stupid, but try the opposite hand as the support hand.

I’m right handed. So your suggestion is to wire with my left hand and support with my right instead of the way I have been. Nothing is stupid I will give anything that’s suggested to me again never no what may work

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I’m right handed as well. A lot of things i do come more natural doing them “left handed so to speak” Example I fish left handed.

I understand what you are saying. Does this look ok. Structure wire for practice. This was done with my left hand and it actually felt more comfortable

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Looks well don’t to me, but know I’m still a novice.

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Looks good, but I think Ryan recommends not switching the winding direction when continuing a wire along a fork unless there is a reason to provide more leverage. I think the wire on the left hand branch should come under the branch. I probably reverse the direction quite often, but you wanted feedback on the image. When the wire originates at a fork then the winding directions will have to be opposite.


Marty where the fork is and I of gone clock wise on one side and then anti clock wise on the other side
I only went that way because I thought you were meant to go opposite directions never the same I might be wrong but not sure

I love this place so much to learn in every corner of the sight! I’m so impressed with what people see, and how the thinking process grows. Thank you Marty.

Yes I agree. So much advice and know one cares about being better than anyone just wanting to help each other out. It’s good.

@Mick_lord my understanding is that keep the same rotation if continuing a wire and. Reverse is when wiring from a fork. Of course either can be reversed if it assists in placing the branch - think shoulder location and rotation.

Had you shortened the scope leading up to the fork you could have got the wire on the left directly over the shoulder giving it more flexibility. If you wanted to bend the left side at the moment it is being held back by the wire. Marty is right about wiring from a fork outwards. The wires have to wind in opposite directions as this locks it in better and reduces the ‘weebly wobbly’ effect.

You essentially have two pieces of structural wire there. It’s a bit funky because you have essentially have two primary branches there. Anyways, I did my best to illustrate how I’d run the pairings.


Bonsai Bentley. The green wire lines on the left. Have you got them both going the same anticlockwise direction or or they going in opposite directions.

Keith in UK. What do you mean by scope. And are you talking about the fork directly at the base. This is just a branch I cut a random tree in my front yard to practice on. It’s clamped to a bench like what Ryan does it the streams. My idea was that this is a primary branch coming of the trunk which splits into two secondary branches or am I looking at the way I started of wrong when wiring the branch as a structure branch