What am I doing wrong

Opposite. Always opposite.

Just re-read what I posted. I wasn’t clear about the fact that the red wire would replace the black wire on the left branch in your original pic. The red wire would be the same gauge as your black wire and then step down from there as necessary on the other colors I used.

If that far right branch, where the red wire leads to on the right, didn’t exist then I’d have 1.5 to 2 turns of red wire on the right branch. Just enough to secure it and allow it to function on the left branch.

I call that strat “wire locking”. You only need 1.5 turns, but I like to end my wire locks somewhere on the branch where it won’t be visible when viewing the tree from the front. I call it wire locking because you’re only using that to secure/lock the wire into place to allow it to function on the branch the wire is meant to bend.

Ok cool I thought it was just couldn’t tell properly in the picture.

I understand what your talking about. I do remember hearing Ryan talking about 1 1/2 turns for function and support of the branch.

Thanks everyone for the help do appreciate it

Hi Mick, sorry for the delay. What I mean by the scope is closing the distance between coils. The angle is still the same (Ryan often changes the scope when it is necessary). This way you would have been able to go directly over the collar of the left hand branch rather than coming across from the right allowing you to bend closer to the junction.
Or even better would have been to swap the wires at the start. Please don’t think I’m knocking your efforts!
I wish I’d used practice branches when I started, then I wouldn’t have had to remove so many dead or damaged branches lol.

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Hi Keith Im definitely not taking it as you knocking me. I’m always happy to take constructive criticism if it helps me do things better for my bonsai I’m happy to take it all on board. I appreciate your help