Hinoki Rewire questions

I recently purchased a beautiful Hinoki Cypress from a local nursery. As an excited beginner, I pruned and wired it in the pot that it was purchased in. After transitioning from YouTube viewer to Tier 2 Mirai member, i watched the more detailed wiring rules provided on the site. I feel that my first wiring of the tree might be ineffective. My question is: would it be OK to rewire the tree so close to the first wiring which I did two weeks ago, and will the sudden arctic chill that we are experiencing factor in?

Hi @Reno_David
How much did you pay for the tree? If it was expensive, you may be out of pocket if you keep wiering and dewiering, especially at this time of year. If you are just starting it may be worth it for the practice, but it could end up being the price of an education.

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Its not about the wire, its about the tree.
If the limbs are where you want them now, and they stay there… leave the wire until next mid summer. If it is effective, leave it. Do better job next time…
If it really stresses you out, if it is still>40F where you are, GENTLY unwire / cut off and rewire…
Watch for the wire bite-in in spring growing fast priod. Then cut off and rewire what you need to, to put the limbs and tips where you want …
Follow timing and wiring on Mirai… read! Practice.
Hinoki are not the easiest to get right, they are pretty!

Will wire mine in late spring… lost lower right limb last summer. Letting it recover.

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Thank you for your response Andy. There doesn’t seem to be any damage done so I am going to wait it out until mid summer next year for any rewiring. I have all winter to study though:)

Thank you Kurt. That all seems like good solid advice. I’ll hold off on the rewire and jump into study for the winter. I have a few projects to keep me busy and I have Peter Warren’s Bonsai book to read, as well as a new tier 3 membership!