Wisteria, Mottled leaves

I have a wisteria that has mottled leaves. Hopefully, the attached picture will help identify what is causing the problem. I have investigated possible causes and the one that seems fit is a virus. If this is the consensus is there any way to treat the plant e.g. repot and treat roots? systemic treatment? etc.

Are you sure it is not chlorosis? I notice it is more pronounced on the interior leaves and one of the possible causes is lack of light. If there is a mild iron or magnesium deficiency then the plant may be taking it from the older, poorly lit leaves to support new, more efficient growth. Keep in mind that both Fe and Mg update are fairly sensitive to soil pH.

It looks chlorosis-ish to me as well. Let’s start with your soil and watering. What is your soil composition and what is your watering routine? Balance of water and oxygen impacts the system from a root function and microbial perspective. If that’s all healthy, then look to water chemistry and nutrient deficiency.

I water fairly heavily since it is my understanding they take a lot of water. The soil is pretty standard Boon Monsai mix. I haven’t tested the soil yet but have ordered a test kit that will test for both PH and Fe P & Mag.

I should add that all of my water goes through a filter to remove chemicals.

Chlorosis can be caused simply by over watering. Try backing down to just watering when the soil is showing signs that it’s ready and the situation should improve. There are several streams in the library covering watering as a topic. Have you had a chance to watch any of those?

Hey thanks, I will give that a try and test the soil as well. You have been a great help.