Striated leaves - chojubai

My pre-bonsai chojubai has not been very vigorous this summer, and its leaves are striated yellow/green.

Is this indicative of over/under watering and/or a pest/fungal problem? Any suggestions on treatment are welcome.


It’s not fungal. Maybe a nutrient deficiencie and/or root issues.
Carefully lift it out and check the outer roots for issues like rot. If the roots look healthy, check out the link below for nutrient issues.

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The roots look fine - maybe a little thick due to the large substrate.

I’ll try adding micronutrients. Thanks!

When you checked the roots did you notice any lumps? When was it last repotted? It could be a case of root galls, but from the photos it looks it also looks like chlorosis which is caused by over watering possibly with a high pH which stops the plant making chlorophyll. You can treat with calmag

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