Japanese yew - yellow foliage

I got this yew last summer.

Is it normal for this yew to be yellow? Some foliage is however green.

Some foliage is yellow and the leafs are falling off if brushed. They are a pale yellow.

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Based on the images, only the new foliage looks a bit yellow-ish. It is the normal colour of the new growth before it hardens… the tree looks healthy (based on these 2 pictures).

Yea but if the needles are falling off that’s not good. And since it is yellowing throughout the crown, my guess is that it is a root related issue. You may be overwatering and the roots may be staying too wet for too long. Use something to prop up the container at a 45 degree angle, and let it dry out a bit. Restablisbing a balance of water and oxygen. Only water when the soil starts to feel dry.

Hi guys.

Those yellow needles are last years growth. You can see this years growth coming through!

I always let it dry out before i water. I’ll use the chopstick method next time and see how dry it is.

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Yea you’re right, new growth is just started, not even opened yet. I’m wondering what is this bonsai torture device you have strapped to the tree? The pole with the wire? I doubt that is very good for the health of the tree, the way you have that pole thing wired into the branch about at the middle point of the pole looks bad. You could be girdling the trunk a bit. There is probably a way to achieve the bend you want without that sort of wiring arrangement.


Peter foele is my teacher and he done this. He’s studied in Japan. Google his name.

But its interesting what you have said. The trunk has cracked and twisted because of this.

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Hmmm… does the left-hand branch original from above the wire girdling and cracking?

Perhaps also a sign of magnesium deficiency… if the leaves are not wilting and drying up. You could try some epsom salts and also ensure your watering is appropriate. In my area city water is from aquifers and heavy in calcium and other minerals which result in this sort of deficiency. Use rain water, RO water or some other filter/treated water source. Just my two cents.

Hmmm… does the left-hand branch original from above the wire girdling and cracking?
Still yellow?