Maple leaf vains

Hello i have a maple tree (acer palmatum)
i got it froma friend when it was dorment and now i. spring its growing allot of new leaves, but i see that the vains of the leavs are very visible, and since i dont have experience with this tree, i would like yo ask if its ok?

the tree is after repot which was done in time when the buds swelled.
and overall it is very vigorous and grows very well, with lots of new shots and leaves. the leaves are not brown and don’t curl or anything … just have theae vains, which makes me wander whats wrong

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This is chlorosis, clasically caused by either an iron deficiency, though it could be a range of other deficiencies too. Look to root causes (pun intentional): it may be due to the container conditions. Don’t just use a suplimentary feed before determining the cause as you could exacerbate the issue.
Good article here:

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Do you know what cultivar this one is? Some cultivars have pink-red edges.

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I don’t know what coltivar it is, i got it as a gift from a friend, i think its an issue with lack of iron. i will add iron and post new images after two weeks

One last thing before you add iron, if the new leaves are coming out with pinkish edges, it probably is not chlorosis.
Check with a local nursery or check Mr. Maple’s website to see if your maple resembles any.

Here’s a screenshot from google of peaches and cream. Your maple is probably not the same cultivar, just showing you similar pinkish edges.

Any idea what your water pH is? Looks like (above note) chlorosis. Probably too high (alkaline… Israel?), and/ or soil composition. Try 2 weeks of bottled water…:roll_eyes:
Probably won’t kill the trees. Otherwise, they look happy.
The soil looks like bonsai type.

thanks guys for the support i didn’t know about the MR Maple website
i found two types that are very similar

my water PH is 8, but i add vinegar which lower the PH to 6.5
the soil is un organic bonsai soil composed of a mix of pumis, vermiculite, lava rock and more.
and i have a top dressing

i really think it’s chlorosis, because the tree feels good, and the soil is with very good drainage, so i don’t belive its wet feet …

Good water. Good soil.
Might need magnesium and iron, maybe calcium. Dilute amounts when watering. Any cheep inorganic low # fertilizer with minerals…

Just to update that after this initial post i gave the tree liquid fertelizer each week (that contain all required nutrients including iron), and after 2 weeks
i saw a great improvement, most leaves turned green and the tree is with allot of energy.

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