Balck tips on new maple foliage

As winter can be brutal where I live, I keep all my trees in temp controlled green houses. And since the yard is in full sun from 11am to sundown, I also get a ton of light. The sun is filtered through the foil so the trees are not in direct sunlight.
As such, most of my plants are awake, maples especially.
This little Orange Dream was the first to come back to life but some of the leaves have blackened tips. Not many but still…
Anyone have any clue why this is happening and how it can be… treated?
Thank you.

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Hi @Brutus,
Just a guess, but could it be frost? Failing that wind or too much water? I don’t think its too much to worry about from your picture.

There was no frost, it was kept in a heated green house.
Watered when needed, no wind or any other source of distress.
The damage is not from the elements, that’s why it does worry me a bit.

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Like AndyK said…I would guess frost/cold/wind damage. Or, maybe heat on an abnormally warm day inside a heated green house? Doesn’t look like typical fungus. I would think you would see more blotchiness. Be sure it’s not spreading, so keep an eye on it daily. After a while can sip the damaged portions off if you like.

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Not frost, wind, cold damage as there is no wind, frost or cold in my green houses.
Temps are always above freezing, always.

I would also say that this doesnt seem like a leaf fungus. A leaf fungus would be more blotchy and would be further distributed throughout the leaf instead of just at the tip. I would say this is a root problem. You might need to check out if youve got root issues or watering issues. Best of luck!