What’s wrong with this little Maple

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Still so much to learn, especially on the basics of horticulture.

So I have diagnosed this as either the tree is not getting enough water or it’s is root bound. If it’s not enough water the solution would seem simple if it’s root bound any suggestions?

Have I misdiagnosed the problem?

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My non-expert first impression/opinion is that it’s a viral or fungal infection? The damage looks the same across the entire plant, so the problem is systemic, and the leaves aren’t wilted like water-stress would cause. Maybe the infection is secondary to being root bound. Anyone else have ideas?

Leaf scorch it is what it looks like. Have there been any dry winds recently? Is it on direct sun majority of the day?
You won’t be able to do anything ab those damaged leaves but perhaps move it to a bit more wind protected place of your garden in semi-shade (under the bush or some thin growth e.g.) alternatively where there is only morning sun if direct and observe second flush if it stays damage free.
When was it last repotted and what soil it is in? Leaf scorch also happens if roots are weaker.
Give it a break, don’t do any work on it this year and let it gain the strength back. Even lower the fertilizing - perhaps stop now and if second flush of leaves healthy, give it one moderate dose in fall while still warm.
One of mine has been a bit fussy too this year - went through the repot. Another one is perfectly fine and they are both on South West under the direct sun. I think I might have fertilize it a bit too early after repot/first flush of growth .


I have had this issue many times. Cost of having too many maples perhaps. I agree with the two previous replies. Im my limited personal experience, I see this with too much water or too much sun.

A potential for a little serendipity to show her face in the design. Following the recovery recommendations above.

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