Trident maple - what is the issue

So to me it seems like a fungal thing, I sprayed with daconil and a copper based fungicide when buds were first opening. Everything was beautiful. Everything opened and then came out one day a week or maybe two ago and it was like this. Sprayed with the copper based fungicide and also soapy water to get rid of any possible bugs. Anyone know what this Is? How to treat it? Hoping it will push new buds that are clean and unscathed.

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What is your watering schedule for this tree?
Have you seen insects on your tree?
Could also be leaf scorch.
It could be root related.

I live near vancouver so it rains most the time. If I need to i water when the soil begins to dry a little. There’s no specefic schedule. I have spotted a couple leaf rolling worms. That is common this time of year, I pluck them off and spray with soapy water. Takes care of it for the rest of the season. I root pruned and repositioned last spring and there were no signs of any displeasure from the tree. I’ve had it for 7ish years and it’s always been very healthy looking. I don’t think it’s scorch.

Just my opinion… looks like over watering (clorosis…) and fungal problems (black spots, curley leaf edges, and shiny appearence) .
Is it setting under a (maple…) tree that has aphids?

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So any insight on treatment? Sitting under a Hawthorne that has no issues and my maple doesn’t have aphids and never has at least while ive owned it. The only thing it gets is the odd leaf curler worm.

You have done what I would have. Use copper before leaf oppening.
Check drainage. Put it where it won’t get a lot of water for now.
Is it in a bonsai type soil? Dig a little to check for bugs or dead roots. Little white fluffy bugs especially.
Put a sheet of white paper next to the pot for 24 hours. See what you get. Inspect leaves of the Hawthorne closely for little apheds or scale.
Morning sun, don’t let it get sunburnt. Light fertilizer. Let the tree do its thing.
Have a beer and relax.

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Thanks man. I was pontificating on tge idea of a partial defoliation with the theory that it would get infected leaves out of the picture to reduce more infection and stir the tree to push new more energy efficient growth. Thoughts?

If the leaves have been out long enough for the tree to be energy positive…
Let the fungicide do its work. Watch for … two weeks. Check for other issues while you wait.
Do you have any other decideous trees… with fungus problems?

Hi @Meatponcho,
The first picture with the bleached out leaf looks like spider mite. Try holding a sheet of white paper under it and tapping it to see what comes off.

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Can you give me please a little update? Have the same problem right now with black spots on the leaves.

@Meatponcho . Yes, please. How did your tree do?
My liquidamber had similar problems last spring.
Despite close specific attention, it didn’t make it. Probably black leaf fungus of some kind.Took me YEARS to find one…
Couldn’t do anything to save it. None of my other deciduous trees were affected. The maple tree they reside under had no problems.

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My trident maple started to get black spots. I first thought it is something „sprayed“ over it what then burned in the leaves but now some leaves lookes like rolling in. I don‘t know what to do.