Trident maple black spots

Hi there l, hope everyone is well.
I’ve noticed these black spots on the first flush on my trident maple, I’ve treated with fungicide and 2 weeks ago, should I remove the effected leaves or just leave them?
Thanks Ali

Looks like anthracnose, I’ve not dealt with this myself, but I would have thought removing the leaves would be essential to stop the spread of spores. Hopefully someone will be along with specialist knowledge.

@Silva_Naturalis thank you very much, i would hate to weaken the tree to much by removing the leaves unless it’s essential, I would say 60% of the leave have it currently.

As I say, I’ve no experience with dealing with this. If you’ve had the tree long enough to know it’s got good vigour then you should know if it can cope with the foliar reduction. I haven’t used fungicides or pesticides on my trees, but I suspect retreating with the right fungicide after removing the leaves would be effective.

The tree was purchased last October. This might be one for the Q&A, will keep an eye on new flushes and see if it’s spreading, thank you very much

Sure thing, do seek out pro advice. It could also be bacterial ( Pseudomonas syringae)

Just posted in Q&A thank you for your support