Maple leaf tips?

I’m very new to this awesome hobby. This is my root over rock project. Is it normal for the trident leaf tips to turn color like this? Just started and doesn’t seem to be advancing throughout the leaf. Thanks for helping

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So I’m starting to think this might be dying. I read that leaves turning red before fall could indicate branch die-back. Looking closer the wound in the trunk seems to be getting worse and the bark is just flaking off. Thoughts?

I have two trident maples, one of which tends to have a bit of reddish coloration on some of the leaves. The ones I see in the photo look okay and seem healthy. As for the trunk, I can’t really speak to that. Was it damaged somehow? It looks like an older wound that is healing.

I wouldn’t worry too much yet. Keep it properly watered and see how it comes along. Maybe someone else on this forum has an idea on the wound.

Thanks, @Forestcat I am in my first year of bonsai and have so many questions. I was able to get into the forum Q&A I believe, so we will see what Ryan says.