White streaks forming on surface roots

I have white streaks forming on the tops of a few surface roots. Is this powder mildew? What is the best way to deal with it on a conifer without affecting the beneficial fungus in my soil?



Hi @FredGrau
Got a picture?

Also what species is it?

It is a Boulevard Cypress…Is it true that powder mildew does not infect confers? Thanks guys!Image-1

Does the rest of the tree look healthy? Any foliage browning in a significant amount or anything like that?

I have browning foliage in areas that were shaded out, apparently that’s normal for this species in the fall. It didn’t start at the tips, rather near the trunk.

This image shows the tree in summer, it has thick pads so I think the browning is due to weaker photosynthesizing needles.

The white doesn’t seem to be spreading…should I worry? Also, should I apply fungicide over the winter in NY? Will that affect mycelium in the soil?

Hi @FredGrau
Still not sure what’s going on with the white stuff on your roots, but what ever it is, it doesn’t look too bad. If it offends, try scraping it off. Browning on the interior is just Fall. Fungicide will definitely effect on mycelium, both good and bad.

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Thanks Andy, much appreciated!

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