White tips on needles

Hello can someone tell me what’s going on here? The tips of the needles are white. I just noticed this after a heavy rain. Also I don’t know what species this is, the guy I got it from said it’s a spruce, but I’m not sure

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How do the tips look after your posting? Have the white spots appeared anywhere else or are they still localized on the tips?


Still looks the same. :grin:

Hmm…I am somewhat perplexed.

First thought was that it was a scale insect but since it is isolated at tips, it does not make sense. Also a fungal disease would make sense with damper conditions, but this tip coloration could simply be a cultivar attribute, part of the tree’s reproductive process, or a seasonal change. For example, the needle tips of the Picea abies in this spring picture look arguably white (picture is of Picea abies producing it’s spring cones).


Anybody else have ideas?

Please keep us posted with any updates or changes @sunnspot! Also, it may be useful to identify tree to a couple species to aid with situation and future care. Looks Picea to me!

Will keep researching.


Looks like sap and seems healthy, may just be a normal aspect of this species or variety. In my experience, fungal disease attacks new growth the hardest, and yours has no sign of these white spots.


I agree with @Brad, the tree is pushing a lot of resources. Junipers will push sap through their foliage when they are pushing resources also.
Your is healthy and doing fine :metal:t2::evergreen_tree::grinning:

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Thank you everyone for your help. It’s good news then :slightly_smiling_face: