Juniper Chinensis

Hi there,

i do have some problems with my Junipers (3 trees, same issue).
From the far they look really healthy they all have healthy tips, but they all
have these brown dots, specially on the new growth.

After a while on some new growth the color fades away the foliage gets dry and falls off.

These brown dots are kind of hard, some you can sharp off with your fingernail.

Does anyone has an idea what this could be??

one of the trees.

new growth

area 1

area 2

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Had something similar lays year,
In my case it turned out to be fungal.
Treated it with coper based fungicide and it went away this year. You can see some remainders on this pic


this would be a good question for the forum q and a. Best of luck!

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hi Kenez,

thanks for your feedback.
Looking at your picture it is kind of hard to see if you have these hard spots too?
I was thinking of fungual but thougt it could be juniper moth ?

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hey Yugen,

i am not a pro member so i canˋt ask.
Living in germany, the timing for the q+a meetings are just not working for me.

Well at least we in europe can study online with Mirai live, even so me miss out
on some thinks …. like tree sales :grinning:

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Yeah, they started out as yellow lumpy, hard to the touch only on the tips then turned brown, dried and juts fell off

Here’s a closer shot, this was taken in winter but the issue started in early fall late summer.
Only recent growth was affected and only on this juniper.
Had a spruce with fungus near it that’s why I went with fungal treatment.


thanks for the closer shot.
I your case i would clearly say juniper tip blight.
In my case the brown dots are not on the tips only.

So i need to do some more research, but will go an get a copper based spray


i have just found a picture on google that shows the
damage done by ( Argyresthia trifasciata ) Juniper Moth.

This fits quite well what I see on my trees.
Bad Thing this is really hard to get rid off :cry:

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