Juniper black spots

Hi guys
I’ve been loosing some foliage on my Sabina juniper , it seems to go yellow and just fall off with a slight brush of the hand , but I have noticed thease black spots on all the affected material
The rest of the tree is still green imageimageimage

This tree did have spider mites when I acquired it , not masses but enough to make me worry

Have you tried holding a sheet of white paper under a branch and giving it a shake? My guess, from the small black dots (poop) is mites. If nothing falls off it may be fungal. I would try to get the tree as vigorous as possible so it can fight back, but maybe cut off any badly infected areas first.

The tree did have a mite problem but that was sorted months ago
Due to our extremely hot weather I’ve been misting the tree quite a lot and this has probably encouraged some sort of fungus ?

I’ve just sprayed with mancozeb so time will tell

Hi Saffa,
That sounds about right. The mites will weaken the tree, and could possibly help spread fungus (I’m guessing). Sounds like you may have to walk the line between shading to keep it cool, and giving sunlight to build strength. Do you have a position out of mid day sun that is well ventilated?

Unfortunately not , my garden recieved full sun from 9am till 6pm
But if that is what is needed then I’ll create a shade cloth covering

Many thanks for the replies

Hence my fascination with junipers due to my long sun exposure

Well the foliage is still turning yellow and dropping with the aforementioned black spots , I just gave them another mancozeb spray , so hopefully it will help
I will not be beat on this situation