White powder dropping out of needles

Hi everyone,

I have styled my first Juniperus Chinensis of my collection, never had one before. it is in recovery, pot in a heatbed inside a greenhouse, it has been there now for about 5 weeks and looks to be doing well, or at least i think so, I went to water it today and I needed to reposition a branch slightly, as i did a white powdery substance fell from the branches (from in between the needles) a bit like talcum powder with a slight yellow tinge to it.

Anyone have any ideas what this could be.

Thanks in advance,

P.S i will try and get a couple of photos of the powder.

Sometimes they can drop a lot of pollen, but this is usually yellow and falls from tiny cones on the tips. Try placeing a sheet of white paper under a branch a giving it a shake, then get a lense and inspect.


Thanks for your reply Andy, I have attached a photo, are those the cone, if so I think it may be that, since I have lowered the humidity a little it has stopped doing it though as well.

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Looks like pollen cones to me👍


thanks AndyK, that has put my mind a ease, thought i might have had some sort of fungi issue. being my first juniper, i am not as up to speed as with deciduous trees.

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