Pinus Parviflora white spots and losing 2nd year needles

My white pine is losing its 2nd year needles, but not the third year needles? thats weird right? Also there are white spots inbetween the new shoots and tips. Looks a bit web like, kinda like a fungus? Any idea what this might be.
My white pine in general doesnt look too healthy, I am trying to go less on the watering, might have overwatered it a bit… loving the tree too much I guess.

Any other ideas?

I believe the white spots are scale :frowning:

In one of his diagnosis videos, Ryan pointed out – if it’s the second years needles dropping, the injury happened last year… Looks happy, should be fine. Check the topdressing / moss cover.
If you think there are bugs… adelgides? too; treat for the bugs … Either systemic, or use a drop of dish soap in the insecticide solution to get past the hydrophobic white cocoon the bugs are living in… repeat in two weeks…
Or, use tweezers and carefully pull every white chunk out and crush it…:fearful: So much more fulfilling…
ALSO, check every other pine you have for the same bug. Also check the junipers…

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WHUT? thank you so much for your reply, it looks exactly like adelgides. What insecticide are you recommending? Does one for normal aphids or spider mites help or does it have to be specific?
thanks you!

so apparently it looks a lot like adelgides… never heard of it before too… :frowning:

oh. one more question, what should I check on the topdressig/ moss cover? for too much wetness?

These are the tools you should have already embraced.
Adelgids. Kinda like a fuzzy aphid from asia. Not a crazy plant killer; but, a eyesore. Although, it could be spidermites… shake the needles over a white sheet of paper and look for teeny specs moving… Treatment is the same.
If your a rabid eco-ist, insecticial soaps; or pluck n crush. Your favorite bug spray should work, with a drop of dish soap for dispersion. Otherwise, NUKE em with acephate. It is a folier and can be absorbed through the roots. It spreads inside the plant–systemic. Be aware, it will kill honeybees if used on flowering plants… It’s not real good for you either… safety first.
Watch the videos. Do your research.
The surface treatment videos will answer that question. Used with organic fertilizer, it grows moss real well. The trees and microbiom will be happier! It does keep the pot wetter. Just don’t over water, the pines especislly.
Bonsai On!

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Hey @philiphartmann,
I have had a similar infestation and would recommend a strong blast of water to physically remove the white cottony masses. I have a watering nozzle with a setting that shoots out 5 or 6 fine jets of water. I spray with the foliage, not against, so as not to dislodge new needles (note that you will loose some needles in this process).
This will knock down the population. Then treat with an insecticidal soap. Repeat every 2-3 weeks until the new growth has hardened off.


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thank you for your reply. why stop after the growth has hardened off? what if some survived?

After the growth hardens off this pest (not exactly sure what it is) seems to become inactive and undetectable, at least in my experience. I suppose you could continue.

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