White spots yamadori pine

Hi there all,
Last October 12th I collected my first Yamadori piece, a very nice Pinus Silvestris that was growing in an exposed cliff above a river. I just planted on a box with part of his original soil and the classic Akadama-pomice-Lava mix.
I think it was working well but a lots of white spots have appear and some leaves are browning. I guess is an insect attack but I would love to have your thoughts on that and if I should take any special care apart from the pesticide and applying in fortnightly basis.

Thanks a lot.

Hi there. That looks like adelgid, first guess, second guess scale. A systematic will take care of it. Quite often, my collected trees are attacked by adelgid. But once they are treated, they can recover and get strong. Perhaps they are dead now if you’ve had a killing frost? They might have laid eggs and died.

Thanks a lot Lani! Unfortunately no frost in my area so I would have to keep fighting :sweat_smile:
Hope this will make trough. I had a huge walk back home

Sure! In the meantime as you wait for the systemic to kick in, you could spray the buds and needles with an insecticide. Hoping that your baby makes it through- the first two years are the toughest.