Larch white spots

Not sure what this is, hard to see with the naked eye(hard to get a picture of) it’s hard and crystalized the way sap does?Egg cases of adelgids was my Internet research but wanted to check with the experts and what the treatment would be?
Any help would be appreciated!


If they are adelgid egg cases I would try Neem Oil to smother them, particularly if the tree has not started to push new growth. Insecticidal soaps are also useful. However, if you have a light infestation a strong water wash may be all that is needed. I have not had insect issues with larches so this is based upon what I found at Identify and Manage Pine Bark Adelgid on trees and shrubs ( I generally try for the least toxic approach that will work.

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Thanks that’s what I was thinking it’s my only larch so I wanted to make sure that neam wasn’t phototoxic beyond what the Internet was telling me. Appreciate the timely response :slightly_smiling_face: