Lodgepole Yamadori - Eaten!

Hello bonsai friends! My first time posting here, but I’m hoping someone has thoughts on how I can help a poor Lodgepole yamadori that was eaten by some critter (deer? ground squirrel?).

Attaching two photos (one of bitten nubs, one of healthy needles), but the long & short of it is:

  • Yamadori lodgepole pine gathered 3 years ago
  • Has been growing well, not SUPER robust, but steady enough that I planned to repot & style next year
  • About a month ago, some sort of critter got into my garden and ate about 2/3 of the needle clusters off the tree.

Is there anything that I can do to encourage back-budding on this tree? The remaining 1/3rd of needle clusters are doing well and starting to do their spring flowering.

Thanks in advance!
– Sad in CA

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