White spots on JBP needles

I have an in-ground JBP that is losing 2nd year needles, and some entire shoots, and has white spots on new needles, Anyone know what this is, and recommended treatment. I know the tree isn’t has healthy as it could be, in part because it does not get full sun, but hoping I can mitigate the problem …
Thanks in advance for any thoughts/advice …

It’s pine needle scale.

You can gently scrape the scale off of the needles, but sometimes this can cause more damage. Use dormant oil over the winter to try to get any eggs in the bark/soil. Next year, in late spring, they will emerge in the crawler stage (soft body). You can use insecticide during this time to prevent new scale from forming. Once it forms the scale, only systemics will affect them.

Thanks Chuck. By dormant oil - do you mean lime sulphur? Neem Oil?
And in spring, do you recommend any insecticide in particular?



Dormant oil is usually a blend and says ‘Dormant Oil’ on the label. I buy mine at a local nursery. They do use lime sulphur in Japan as a dormant application but I never have. For spring, neem oil or insecticidal soap is what I use. I try to steer clear off the harsh stuff unless it’s a particularly resilient pest. Over the last year, I’m mostly focused on nutrition and health as Ryan described in a recent lecture.