When do coastal redwoods start pushing new growth?

I got one a couple months ago and repotted it into a grow box made of cedar planks in solid akadama, retaining the soil it came in. It doesn’t seem unhealthy but it’s kind of just sitting there not doing anything. All the other trees in my garden are pushing growth vigorously. I’m in southeast VA so I might need to just wait for temps to warm up? This is a new species to me so I’m trying to just make sure I’m not missing anything. When should I expect to see new growth?

My redwood is starting to push new growth. The buds are starting to elongate. I am in Southern California so I might be warmer than you. Although we have had 3 weeks of “cooler” temps in the 50’s and 60’s. It shouldn’t be too much longer and you should see buds open.

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I have only had my coastal RW for one spring. Thought it was dead… My dawn RWs sprouted two weeks before it did. Grew like crazy last summer. It will be another month before either shows green here in the inland Pacific NW. Ground pot temps still <40F nights <32, days 50 ish.
Ryan commented-- coastal redwoods were evergreen…?
I’m going to treat this tree as a cypress… Same as my dawn RW forest.

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Its been my experience in northern California that coastal redwoods are a little slow to start foliar growth. I usually see the buds start to elongate around mid to end of April once the night temps stop dropping below 45 degrees.

Yes coastal redwoods are evergreen. Dawn redwoods are decidious conifers.