Coastal Redwood seedlings

Hi all,

Thought I’d share progress on some coastal redwood seedlings I planted in October 2021.

Today i thought I’d start moving them into individual pots. Soil is pine bark (orchid mix “small”) and sub-1/8” pumice that I had left over after sifting a batch. I’ll keep the test subject indoors for a week (just natural light through a window). If she survives, I’ll move the rest.

These have been growing in my garage under grow lights and over a heat mat. 28 sprouted, 16 remain. I planted an unknown number of seeds.


Good for you Steve! Once you get them potted up be prepared for an explosion of growth and who knows, in ten years time you could be winning a prestigious bonsai show with one of those seedlings…

10 years time if I’m lucky! Fun experiment though :slight_smile:

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If grown well, in ten years time you could have trunks of 3" diameter easily…