Coast redwood pre-bonsai just arrived + soil ratio question

Hi all! Dan here. New to Mirai as of today. Super excited to learn there’s such a developed community!


I just received a coastal redwood (pre-Bonsai) in pristine condition from Humboldt county (photos attached) and given how special this species is, I want to provide the best start for it and wondered if someone might answer a few questions for me regarding soil mixture…?

I’m planning to use 1/3 Japanese akadama, 1/3 US pumice, and 1/3 US black lava but not sure what ratio of potting soil to substrate is most ideal. I live in Los Angeles so it’s hot and dry here and I know I’ll need to keep roots moist but not too moist. I also realize I’ll need to provide some humidity and not too much direct sunlight, especially in the warmest months.

From the base of the roots to the top of the tree trunk is 10” tall. From the soil line to the top of the trunk, it’s 7” tall. The trunk is even from top to bottom and a bid wider than an average male pinky finger. It’s got fresh green growth at the tips and an amazing burl at the base of the trunk. Amazing specimen!

Might anyone be open to sharing any experience they have? Hopefully some others would find some benefit from any responses to this post.

Eager to be able to be helpful as I develop more knowledge!

Thanks all!


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I’m new here as well. I’ve watched and rewatched the coastal redwood videos and there is tons of information on timing and nuances of these trees.

I’m down in OC and have myself a redwood from MCB and I’m leaving be until next January. Watering and being fed an a clean up of branches I didn’t want/need.

This is a great community with extremely knowledgeable people.


This is my tree I’ll be working with :blush:


I put the main tree (and the 3 starters) into temporary pots under a grow lamp. They’re watered, misted and in front of an open window. There’s a bonsai master who teaches classes at his nursery nearby, so I’ll be headed there to pot them. As I look at them, I can’t help but think of doing a forest style… I’d get 3 more pre-bonsai coast redwoods. Anyone have any thoughts on forest style…?

SO beautiful - what an amazing redwood. How long have you had it?

Thanks for mentioning the videos that are here in Mirai. I’m going to watch them right now!

Thank you. I only got it in April. It’s pushing growth like crazy. Everyday I’m scraping new buds off at the branch shoulders and trunk. Mine sits on a south facing patio next to a little fountain to help with humidity. I have a shade cloth for the hottest of our summer since I have a southwest facing patio.

(Before and after when I trimmed it)

From watching the videos, while redwoods in nature take in an immense amount of moisture from their crown foliage, our little trees don’t possess that ability, so I don’t mist mine anymore and it hasn’t missed a beat.

A forest would be interesting. I think with the growth rate of these trees and their commanding prescience as a stand alone giant in nature, would lend me to think a solo tree showcases this species best. With that being said, go for it! Pushing the creative envelope is what moves us all forward!