Is it time for redwood pruning?

My coast redwood is just starting to show buds in some locations. Is this the indicator we are looking for to begin pruning? I hadn’t expected to see any until later in this part of the world (South Texas).

I can see some buds in multiple locations on the tree, but they do not seem widespread across the entire tree.

Photos here -

What do you all think? Is this the indicator to prune or should I be more patient?

Are those pushing or is the tree just setting up buds for the spring? Looks like it could go either way (I don’t have experience with coastal redwoods)

It is setting up buds for the spring. One of the pruning triggers in the “formal upright refinement” redwood video is the emergence of buds all over the tree. I’m trying to gauge if this is that.

It’s tough to tell from the pics and you mentioned that they aren’t widespread. I see the buds in the branch crotch but the branch tips don’t seem to be covered in buds.

But I pruned mine last year on Dec. 15th. Here’s some pics from Dec. 1, 2018. Notice how many buds there are from every growing tip and also the pic of them elongating. I guess I need to get out and check it today! Lol.

Another factor is your winter and if you’ll need to protect it. My lows are 45F and highs of 65F, coastal Cali, but south of the current range of redwoods. I’m not sure on the timing if you have freezes.

Finally, they are pretty forgiving. Sure, if you mess the timing up on the cutback you’ll not get budding on the green stems but you will still get backbudding on previous woody growth.


Ahh, that picture looks like another level beyond what I have.

There are some buds, but they aren’t on every branch and they aren’t widespread on the branches that have them.

I’ll keep waiting and watching for now. Our climate is relatively warm also (9a) but I’ll haul it into the garage if we end up getting a hard freeze. Thanks for getting back to me!

If you remember, please send me another pic when you are going to prune yours this year.

Here’s pics from today, apologies for the quality, I was loosing light. But point is, I think it’s ready and I’ll have to pull it into the garage this week to cut back. I also saw some photos from a Mirai student (@MyBonsaiJourney/Instagram) in my area who was working his now. Funny this wasn’t even on my radar, before reading your post and seeing his photos. I mistakenly thought I did this later last year.