Dawn redwood fall/winter care

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How do you guys handle your dawn redwoods’ foliage at this time of year? After it has turned brown, should I cut it or just wait until it drops naturally?
And do I remember Ryan correctly saying that branch pruning should be done in spring when the buds start swelling?

Thanks for any insights.

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Usually I let them turn their full fall color and I will lightly rub them to see which fall off. I live in Nebraska so usually the strong winds here will remove most of the small foliage. You have to be careful not to break off any small buds that may have formed. Usually you can tell which branches are strong enough that the tree has selected them to remain by their color. If they are reddish brown then they will be added as branches. If they are a light tan like the foliage then they will most likely be shed as they did not develop enough vascular tissue to remain. As far as pruning the hardened off shoots I wait until mid February which is when the bud first begin to swell. Then I cut back to buds and past. Usually this will allow the tree enough time through the whole year to full close even large wounds. Not sure where you are located but make sure you don’t remove any foliage that is still green and allow the tree to take back all the resources to increase winter hardiness. Just what I do “take it with a grain of salt” as Ryan would say.