Dawn redwood nursery stock

Grabbed this Dawn redwood last week, had to wait for it to change color to cut it to fit it in my car to get home. The cut was as much as I could preserve and get it home.

Thinking I might put it in the ground in the nursery pot now and leave it all year as I air layer off about half (or where I would have made the trunk chop). Then the following spring work to get the bottom section out of the nursery mix/container into a box w/ pumice or a large colander and in the heat bed… this will be where the air layer would go next fall. The amount of initial reduction will drive this decision.

I am wondering if I am missing anything. I am calculating it that I am basically delaying doing the initial root reduction this year in return for an 3-4 inch trunk width air layer ? Also wondering if there is anything that’s uniquely different (other than being a deciduous conifer) about dawn redwoods that I should know or consider…I have a natural pond in my yard, could this be useful?

Thanks for any reassurance on this plan or for bringing something to my attention I didn’t consider or missed!


Fall Trunk chop might not be the best play for Dawn Redwood, not the tree I wanted to learn this lesson on but this is my only tree that has not woken up from winter. :sob:

Does it have limbs BELOW the chop…?
My 20 yo DR forest is just this week greening up…
My Bald cypress is a little slower…

Ohh yea plenty, the majority actually. Id say i took it from 10-11 feet to 6-7ft in a 20 gallon nursery pot. Kept in the cold frame next to 60+ other trees and saplings and its the only one that hasnt pushed.