Metasequoia glyptostroboides trunk chop

I found a solid Dawn Redwood (metasequoia glyptostroboides) at a local nursery but before I pulled the trigger on it I was wondering about timing for trunk chop?

My assumption is either late spring after new growth hardens off or to wait until the foliage turns color in autumn then chop it? Does it make a difference with a deciduous conifer?
Other option is to airlayer it, do they take to airlayers?

If so, then would it best to keep it in a recovery box/grow bag until a new leader establishes to 70% percent of the final thickness?

Also with the quality of akadama being hit or miss for me, I was thinking a 3:1:1 (is this the right logic) or what mixes have people had success with

As always thanks for any insights and help!

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I would probably do a post flush harden chop. If you decide to do it in the fall, I would leave it long. I believe they can be air layered, but do not have any experience. If you can keep it from freezing his winter, go ahead and air layer now to take advantage of vascular growth in the fall.

I have a nursery stock of the “golden” variety on its own roots that is about 4.5’ tall. I plan to air layer spring post flush hardening next year. They’re pretty vigorous growers and move a lot of water. If all goes to plan have 2 dawn redwoods end of ‘24 into ‘25 :grimacing:

Is there a good air layer potential? If so and you plan to trunk chop anyways, try the air layer first :woman_shrugging:t3: