Redwood-Sequoia Styling Advice

Please give me suggestions on how to style this Sequoia Redwood.
There are 4 pictures from each angle.
I’m very fond of the bend in the trunk and will try to add more curvature.

I’m thinking of chopping the top

Can I cut the top and get it to root with rooting hormone?

If you’re looking to try and remove the top and use it you will want to try air layering.

Have a look on the library there and a few videos.

Air Layering Primer goes through the process.


That’s great! I didn’t know there was an air layering video! I’ll watch it as soon as I can. Thank you!

Is the low upright branch low enough to be made into a secondary trunk? If so, it will want some curvature to echo/compliment the main trunk. I agree the tree needs to be shorter.

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It’s already trying to be a second trunk so I thought I’d let it. Now to decide how to proceed with shaping it.

Theresa - If you want some additional advice, I would pick out what you think are the two best fronts based upon trunk movement and nebari and then take a picture of showing the tree from just below ground level to where you think you might chop it. In addition, take the picture against a plain background if possible. - Marty

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Thank you for that advice. I will follow up with a few pictures as suggested. Tomorrow!

I would look at Ryan’s redwoods and how he creates reiterations .

Before I cut or air layered the top I would ask myself if I could as happy with the thickness of the trunk. If so then proceed with your post flush harden airlayer…after repotting it into a bonsai container.

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I think the first step is to develop the trunk. To do that your best option is to put the tree in the ground or in the biggest pot you can find. Redwoods do grow from cuttings, but it takes a long time.

The good news is they tend to be easy to keep alive until they route. Cuttings can take one to two years before they root. Redwoods are typically propagated by seed, rather than cuttings, because cuttings are difficult.

See if you can find any information on Redwood styling by Peter Tea. His redwoods are some of the absolute best I’ve seen. He does aggressive, pinching around that causes a very unique type of foliage. Redwoods develop roots rapidly, and if kept in a pot for a long time, make sure the roots don’t wrap around the pot too much.

I have about five redwood trees about the size. I’ll probably grow mine for another four years until I start styling.

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I bought this tree at a nursery going out of business. It was $15. Can you give me an estimate of its age?
I’m guessing about 15 year.