Collected Redwood in development

Here’s a few pics of a coast redwood I collected in February 2019. Still early in development and definitely not in the right container! I have been trying to apply some Mirai concepts to. The hollow is natural, I just removed the rotten wood from it. It will probably go in this shallower, brown oval in the spring. I’d be interested to hear your feedback!


I may be a bit radical, but what do you think of cutting off the long straight trunk? I think it will be an interesting little tree with the hollowed trunk and several small trunks on top.

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The base is the most interesting part so cutting off the long trunk would enhance that feature. For this tree I was hoping to get the feeling of a tall redwood so I think it stays for now. The plan would be to keep the branches close to the trunk for a narrow silhouette. I have other redwoods that lend themselves better to the compact bonsai like form.

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You could extend the deadwood up the trunk which would lessen the starkness of the straight trunk

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Personally I like the tall trunk. I think this lends itself more towards the natural style of this species you see here in the PNW. While this doesn’t have the trunk taper that it might in nature I think that’s ok.

No harm in playing with the existing material for a few years. If it doesn’t come together right then time to chop back to the interesting base.

Great tree!

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I agree with Evan. Already, it is a tree that seems like a tree that has a more natural story of origin. Age, fire, wind, decay, regrowth. I would concentrate on making the top look more like a natural snapping off under load/wind.

Nice find, nice presentation. Keep it healthy and happy until you trade me for your pick of my “collection”!

Thanks for the input from everyone! I think the design will clarify a lot as the branching natures and ramifies. Too many branches at the moment of course. I feel that this tree offers a chance for a natural representation of a redwood. The base reminded me of a fire scarred hollow in the base of a mature tree with an intact trunk above. The scar at the top needs improvement but was necessary due to the drastic reduction that is inevitable after collection.

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