Counry Fair entries

Each year I go through this exercise of selecting 10 of my Bonsai to show at the Humboldt County Fair. T.his starts about 2 months before I take them there I pick about 15 trees to work on to find the 10 I will use. Not only does it give me the incentive to work on my trees throughout the summer but it provides a place where more people can appreciate my work. I wanted to post some of the pics since they are dressed up.


unfortunately I didn’t get good detail in the trees the lighting was poor and i dont know how to use my phone camera


Here are some more


Very nice entries :slight_smile:

Their really nice. I cant wait to get a redwood myself. What kind of soil is the redwood on?

its in 1:1:1 i need to do a repot on it soon

Redwoods are very work intensive and frost sensitive. They need plucking a lot. so I recommend only getting 1 and love it.

Ok. I ask because I live in los angeles. Ryan said he has his on 100% akadama… I go to some bonsai classes In my area and my teacher from the class said his redwood didnt do well. He said it’s to dry here. However he said he didnt know that redwood can be put in 100% akadama. It’s just hard finding a redwood bonsai in my area. Their people in my neighborhood that have redwood trees in their front lawns and their doing pretty well in the grown. I guess I’ll just have to experiment lol

I can’t remember about redwoods specifically, but I know Ryan also uses a 3:1:1 (akadama:pumice:lava) mix for water loving elongating species. Just enough lava and pumice to keep some soil structure.

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That would be correct.

Beautiful trees Kim!! I particularly love the juniper. And that display setting you have them in with the wood wall is just gorgeous!

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If you are in Long Beach and coastal you should be able to grow them (obviously, if they are growing good in the landscape). They can take full sun if the there is enough humidity, otherwise I think afternoon shade might be better if you get too hot and dry.

But good luck finding one, since most of the LA nurseries are further inland. House of Bonsai and Yamaguchi’s are about the closest to the coast, but I don’t recall ever seeing any there. I lucked out and got one at a club sale from a member that collected then further north. But he has moved back north.

Bob Shimon at Medocino Coast Bonsai probably has the best, but their website wasn’t working ( I see coast redwoods occasionally at local nurseries (Ventura Co.), including GreenThumb which has an LA store.

Thanks for the info. I be taking classes at the house of bonsai and your right their are no redwoods their. I was told my best chance to find one will be at the bonsai event in October in riverside. I’ll just have to hope I get lucky.