Air-layering Dawn Redeood

Am planning on starting an air layering prior to trunk chopping a 10’ dawn redwood.

Any advice on timing and how long to expect to keep air-layering going? Would fall be a good time to initiate this?

Was planning on using the plastic sheeting/sphagnum moss/foil method, but also perhaps the open pot method I have seen used where actual soil is used. Any advice on which method/when?

Have never attempted this, so any and all thoughts welcome…I only have one chance at keeping the top of this tree!

I’ve always liked to use the split pot with akadama method, but either should work. Now would not be the time to start the layer. You’ll want to install the layer next year after the first flush of growth hardens off. No idea how long a dawn redwood will take to put out roots, but like anything else, it takes as long as it takes so don’t be surprised if you have to leave it on for a couple of years.