Air layered Coastal Redwood

Last fall I thought I’d air layer a basal sprout coming from one of my coastal redwoods as an experiment. Usually I cut them, but there was an exceptionally thick one I thought I’d play with.

Today, I checked for progress and I saw roots! Given the size of this air layer (~10 feet), I would like to get some advice from The forum on how to maximize chances for success.

  • when should I collect?
  • Into what media should I plant it?
  • should I trim before collecting?
  • is this a lost cause?



I wouldn’t think of air layering something like a redwood, but it makes perfect sense that it would work. They grow like crazy given any opportunity.

When - when you think you have enough roots to support it
Media - I transplanted a bunch of smaller shoots into normal potting soil and it did great. Not sure about something this size.
Trimming - I’d definitely trim to lessen the demand on the roots. Redwoods will grow like crazy so keep anything promising and cut the rest back.

Definitely not a lost cause. I took a lot of cuttings from my old backyard and had 100% success. I’m pretty sure redwoods are indestructible as long as you don’t drown them. I had basically a dead branch that sprouted new buds and is now thriving.

Thanks for the sound advice Jsig.

I remember watching a video where Ryan discussed the value of foliage for root production. In this particular case I’d love thoughts on whether to trim this air layer down now or after harvesting?

Hey I’m curious about how this went. Did the tree recover?

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I’m very curious as well - any update?