Help with Dawn Redwood recovery

I went out of town recently for a short camping trip. My tree and humidity tray were moist enough to typically last the duration that I’d be gone.

Fast forward and it was quite dried out. Lost about 30% of the foliage/inner ramification.

It’s been holding for about a week fine, but doesn’t seem to be improving much. Any recommendations? TIA

I think that all you can do is keep the appropriate soil moisture level and keep it out of the hottest sun. It is likely to take a season to recover health and then you can redevelop the ramification. Remember that bonsai is a long game.

Continue to maintain a good balance of water and oxygen. And don’t fertilize at all

Dawn redwoods will sprout from old wood. Including the main trunk…

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Just before I posted the above, I noticed my dawn redwood forest had several droopy front leaf tips. By sundown they had curled up and French fried… Second day at 85+F. 85Fposted for the next two days, then 65 and rain…
Water, water, water.
Will evaluate long-term temps for time to put up shade cloth. Slows down growth, but, saves trees…