Coastal Redwood pruning advice

I have a coastal redwood that I let grow all summer and now it’s in need of pruning. This is a good time for pruning but I have a question.
I attached a photo. Some of the new growth is a light brown but it’s not dry and it looks alive. Should I be concerned and hold off on pruning?
The tree seems to be very healthy, I fertilized it in the summer until the end of September.

During the growing season all the new growth had the same yellow-ish color and then turned green after a while.

Any advice?

Could just be winter colour, same as junipers?

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No idea about the light brown foliage tips, but my notes from Ryan’s stream about pruning coastal redwoods says:

“Prune in winter/early Spring before new buds open”. I also have a note that says “coastal redwoods thicken better if pinched rather than allowed to run…1st pinch of trumpet around early May; be sure to leave some new growth”; and lastly, “Do not fertilize coastal redwoods when pinching (which is the opposite of what to do with all other elongating species)”.

Hope this helps. Better yet, go back and watch the stream.

One final comment about pruning. Just saw another stream of Ryan’s - “Formal Upright Refinement (coastal redwood)” - in which he says best time to prune is when you see that buds are just starting to swell…so now I’m slightly confused as to the best timing. Sorry.

I thought about that and that might be it. Temperatures at night are hovering around freezing. I may move it to a slightly warmer part of the garden after pruning.

Thank you! Yes I was a bit confused as well but I think this is the appropriate time, based on the stream about redwood. It’s been unseasonably warm here in Seattle so far and just now we are seeing slightly lower temps at night. My main concern is the yellow new growth.