Redwood timing?

I wonder if theres a collection of notes on Ryans teachings about the timing and horticulture of all the different species anywhere?

Today Im wondering specifically about Coastal Redwood, when to prune/wire/pinch new shoots.

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Hi @Xaiji . There aren’t any notes. I would look through the videos for timing and possibly take your own notes.

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Ryan has done some very good streams on Coastal Redwood in the library. He goes into detail on the timing of pruning, wiring and pinching,

Funny, I posted the exact same topic on the Apex area of this forum a couple days ago. I’ve gone through many of the redwood videos but there’s a more recent video where Ryan says their advice has evolved since the early videos. I wish there was at least a summary, notes, or even a graphic showing the best timing for coast redwoods.

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Thank you for this! Ive found a bit of new info but I always wonder if thats the final word or if new info has come out that i havent seen yet!