What do others do for their day job

Just thought I would put this out there! What does everyone do for a day job? Me. Well we live in Spain and run our holiday villa receiving guests from all over the world. I also look after and restore local musicians electric guitars, I had the pleasure of restoring a 1959 Hofner Blonde recently that a guy had bought for him when he was 11 years old. 25 hrs later this was the finished guitar.

I like it’s not Bonsai related but thought it might be nice to know what others do


I’m working on my Phd thesis in chemistry right now. Pretty much the complete difference to bonsai but both topics share the same level of failure, patience and sometime frustration. :sweat_smile:
Can’t wait to finally finish this s… and be able to buy more and more trees.


@Nicknjh23 That’s beautiful! What craftmanship! As for me, I’m a geospatial analyst; I basically analyze satellite imagery and extract whatever I need out of it (in a nutshell).


Stalking ex-girlfriends with Google satellite views is not a real job. :wink:

I’m a Systems Analyst for a University in the New Orleans area. It’s the kind of job where I’m happy to go to work.


Haha Google doesn’t let you zoom in as far as I can! :laughing:


When I graduated high school in 1990 I went into the car audio industry working for a small 4 location outfit. After that I worked for The Good Guys in their installation dept. and from there I moved the Seattle area and worked for a shop as an “installation engineer” in Bellevue, Innovative Audio, specializing in high end vehicle customization. I worked on vehicles for professional athletes, musicians, Microsoft employees, basically people with disposable incomes.
Here’s my name drop, Ken Griffey Jr., Jay Buhner, Sir-Mix-a-lot, Bill Gates and Paul G. Allen.
While working there I renovated a 1919 Dutch Colonial home on Queene anne Hill in Seattle
During the renovation the shop dissolved because of a dispute between partners and my profession changed to working on homes.
I now have become a “master of many skills”
Here’s some pics
This is a vehicle that we built for Ea Sports the “Ultimate Gaming Vehicle”

I couldn’t find any other pics of our installs :frowning_face:
Here is one of my current projects

And some of my past projects


Software architect. As a left-brained person the artistic part of bonsai is hard for me. I love the science behind it though.


I must be left brained too!!


I administer a $20 million program (and coalition of organizations) that provides housing and supportive services to people experiencing homelessness.


It is cool to read how others support our expensive hobby. For me, I am a director of horticulture for a ultra highend residential landscape company. The company specializes in locating, transplanting really large specimen trees. Besides the planting we take care of some the finest gardens in Atlanta, GA. A large part of my job is make sure the trees we move survive and thrive in their new homes. Here are a few pics of one of two matching 22 inch caliper oaks we moved this spring. They were right at 50 foot tall with root balls that were 14 foot diameter and 4 foot deep. The weight was around 48,000 pounds.


Software here too. Senior/Lead engineering level.

I did a fair amount of UI/UX work early on in my career, which allowed me to practice some visual design muscles. I enjoyed it but always felt second fiddle to the the full time designers. Whenever I got to work with them, I could listen to them drone on for hours about theories on design and why little tweaks here and there made all the difference. :thinking:


Marketing at Amazon. Most recently ran Marketing for IMDb but recently moved over to Twitch Prime. I live in the digital and online world and I find bonsai a nice way to disconnect and get in touch with nature (and my sanity).


wow i feel a little boring compared to you guys. I just work in a supermarket. Packing in a freezer


I feel very insignificant reading all of the above as I retired early. When not working on little trees I spend my time hot rodding, specifically have a passion for Tri Five Chevy.


I suppose you could say I am retired too. I don’t have to leave home to work. My days are spent caring for our grounds. Building the new garden and working on my trees. We generally entertain our guests once a week and as we are also both retired scuba instructors we get to scuba off the beach here when ever we can find time in our schedule. It’s a charmed life.


That’s awesome! I live less than 20 minutes from Detroit (AKA Motor City) so I get to see cars like this all the time and I absolutely love them!

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I’m in the UK which makes it a touch trickier!


You feel insignificant while I’m super jealous of you lol. That sounds awesome.


Damn! How many ratchet straps you got there?

Good one @Nicknjh23 really fascinating jobs here! You alone seem to me living a dream :slight_smile:

At first I thought “c’mon this is about bonsai and horticulture not some kind of Facebook thing” but reading everyone’s lines reminded me why I love what I do. I manage team of 17 in a cafe/restaurant-ish environment. Baristas are world class trained and many of them compete in all sorts of speciality coffee competitions around the world. Our place is nothing like “next please!” cafe but rather friendly chilled place with finest teas, crafted coffees of many origins selected seasonally with many talented geeks. Meeting so many people daily (approx 400-500) with interesting backgrounds, jobs, stories, hobbies is pretty amazing. And I am coffee maniac myself (who would say looking at my name…) So as much as I’m most of the time serving customers and managing large team which is challenging I don’t think of it as hospitality only but a chance to learn heaps ab others that might not be your friends but most of them are such regulars we see them/chat with them probably more often than their family members :slight_smile:
Surely won’t stick around this job till I retire (I hope!) and that is what I’m working on - planning to jump on some course, do a qualifications around horticulture in next few years and start using the land (look at it on pic attached SOOOO MANY TREES AROUND :heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:) I purchased some month ago perhaps for growing trees as bonsai material (but not only). Working in this field would absolutely make me happy without expectations of being paid well or having job role with sophisticated name.
No need to feel boring @maryoverton! Somebody has to do what you do and I believe we all are happy to find goods we buy daily in supermarkets nicely packed :slight_smile: thank you!
This is real @KevinNGa ??? I saw it once in a historic movie but thought they did it only cos the King wanted that tree… Awesome day job :+1: