What do I do with this?

Just wondering what specifically if anything I should be doing over the next few years. Pinus parviflora. Grafted glauca brevifolia, about 1 of 10 that I am happy with. It’s pretty vigorous for the winter we had and actually also the fall. Do I remove or reduce strong weak if any candles. My only goal is grow it larger without aiding any structural flaws. Holla.

I got distracted. Without watching hours of video again how to I hand these

Long needle single flush, let it grow and grow and Post harden candle select out any structural flaws or prune for direction, I believe

I think that as long as you feed it, water it, brush it and take it for walks it will be a happy and healthy organism.

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Please everyone knows a happy tree needs a lot of belly rubs (trunk) and scratches behind the ears (candles).

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I just realized i loaded that picture, ha (laughed once out loud)

Well what I’m wondering about specifically is after all these candles lengthen and then harden off ,or at least before fall growth, I go back in and prune out unwanted shoots? Simply to avoid structural flaws. Sounds correct?