Freshly dug up pine trees

I’m mostly wondering what I should expect to see from my one trees I dug up in April. There were some needles already browning before i dug them up, and it very well could be old needles dying off (which i believe is normal). Everything seems to be doing great, and i say that mostly because early on the candles were drooping during hot times of the day, but bounce back up in the evening, but now they seem like they don’t do that anymore.

Anyway, I’m mostly wondering if i should be concerned or should i wait and see? Is the new growth still being green the thing i should be watching for health? Only three trees, and I’m most concerned and the bigger one. The picture of just the candles is the bigger one

Any tips really, thanks (short leaf pine, which Ryan classify as an outlier alpine)

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In my experience with pines in this state it’s too soon to see anything other than if you killed the tree at extraction. Late July after being tested by some heat is typically when I have seen the total expected die back/state of the tree. I would not expect much out a pine out of the gate. Strength is in its roots so it needs at least a growing season to to get it roots at a sustainable level for the foliage it has (root/needle balancing on its own). Then if all is good it will start getting in a spot to “add” new roots which In return are the highways to push out new tissue/needles

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