Post repotting issues on a nursery pine

Hello Mirai people!

I’m having some dieback issues with a Pinus Sylvestris Watereri. I’ve purchased this pine on March from a local nursery. I’ve repotted it shortly after that in a training container, with a 1:1:1 substrate composition. The tree was kept in shade and from wind protection for the first 3 weeks. I kept the tree misted on the foliage during this period of time. After that I transition it in a more lighted location (still partial shade) it got little sun in the morning, wind protection still, and I stopped the misting. For the last weeks we’ve got rainy and cloudy weather so we didn’t get intense sun. Right now is still in a protected aria (is not outside). I’ve notice diebacks on weak branches, and on the low branches also. When I purchased it, it had a little dieback on one branch, but I wasn’t very concerned about it (now it died a little more), because it got plenty of healthy foliage, like 3, 4 or 5 candles per shoot and interior back budding. The roots were healthy, I’ve cut a portion of them, but not very hard, just to encourage new growth and I didn’t bare-root the tree. I’ve kept a portion of the nursery soil intact. So my question is this, is the tree going to thrive? Or it will slowly going to die? What to do in this situation?


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I don’t have as much experience with pines as others but a picture would help.

It’s not outside? Is it in a greenhouse?

Hey Kevin!

In some portions the candles shows that the needles start to emerge from the sheath, but they kind of stopped expending for more than 2-3 weeks. The canopy of the tree looks healthy. I have also purchased at the same time, two small mugo pines from the same nursery, I have also repotted them and they seem to be ok, because I’ve kept them protected their candles evolved in needles already. I live in the northern hemisphere, zone 7. In March we experienced hot weather, but right now in April we had few nights with 2°C/5°C. All my pines that are outside are slowly starting to show the buds and the candles are not active yet.

I don’t have a greenhouse! I live in the city, so an unheated balcony is doing the trick for me, for now… I hope :)! After the recovering process and when the weather gets establish, my goal is to put them outside.