Yamadori Pines w/ New Growth

I dug these up this year, and they seem to be doing well. Today I noticed these things on the tips of the candles

Are these another flush of candles (which is what it seems to me)? Or maybe pine cones?

And more importantly, does this mean the trees are hao and healthy?


Did they already push out new spring growth? If not, my guess is that these are this year’s spring growth which is a bit weak and late due to the tree being dug. I repotted a couple of pines this spring that had been neglected for several years in their boxes that that is how they are behaving.

Here’s a picture from shortly after i dug them up… i was assuming that they had already pushed me growth, but I’m new the pine trees

Those short needles have all become much longer

I agree that those look like the spring candles. Do you know what type of pine? Some will push a second growth - some reliably, others in response to a change.

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I have had young vigorous Scots pines puch twice in the same season before. This looks like the same thing. I have a photo somewhere from 4ish years ago.

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They are apparently Short Leaf Pines

Short leaf pine (P. echinata) has the same basic range as loblolly pine (P. taeda) and will hybridize with it - hybrids look more like short leaf pine (Wikipedia). Mirai lists P. taeda as multiflush pine so I am betting that P. echinata would be a multiflush pine at least one that will multiflush part of the time.


Yeah, i read that i thought the same thing. So, as per Randy Knight (Night?), I haven’t touched it as far as pruning or bending, and it can still double flush? Also, is this a good sign (or maybe stress related? )

I am guessing a combination of stress (being dug) and good growing conditions (oxygen to the roots and any fertlization you may have done).

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Well, I take that as encouraging then! Thanks for your replys