Scots Pine nursery stock structural work timing

Hey Everyone,
I recently purchased a beast of a Scots Pine in a nursery container. It is abundantly healthy (I’ll post a pic later). I’m trying to decide when the best time to make some major structural decisions would be. I’ve gone back through the library and one video showed a styling in late summer, and another in late fall. I’m curious as to your opinion on which would be better and why. Thanks!

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Any pictures? I’m curious about the initial design :slight_smile:

Certainly, here’s a before because I realized it doesn’t look like I posted one.

That one is after 2 separate pruning this year. Once soon after the flush hardened off, and another a couple days ago. This is all im going to do until I get it repotted into a better pot and soil. Theres 2 possible trunks at this point that im playing with. If I choose the larger as the main, I will probably do a significant bend using a wedge cut. If I choose the smaller, I will not need to cut and bend it, but it will be a much longer process to develop the tree. Gotta stare at it for a while :slightly_smiling_face:.

Hey, i dug through most of the short-needle single-flush videos and put together a small overview of the critical points. You can check them out here:

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I saved it when you first posted it, great source of info. Thanks!