Short-Needle Single-Flush Pines notes

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i watched a lot of the streams on short-needle single-flush pines in the last few days and made some notes on it. I wanted to share these with you for those who are interested in using notes for memorizing all the input.

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Very nice - thank you.

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Thanks SkeiL, very helpful!

Thank you… very helpful to memorise.

thanks , printed it out.

Thanks, this has all the info I’ve been looking for.

Those are awesome notes. Thank you!

Thank you for compiling and sharing this!

Does anyone have input on how strong interior growth should be before cutting back to it if the goal is to shorten the branch? I presume something between a bud and a fully developed branch with buds of its own is appropriate for pushing back the growth.

Thank you very much!:+1::+1:

I discussed when to cut back with Ryan and the PBE and he said wait until the back growth has at least 50% of the foliage that is to be cut off. It is needed to keep pulling nutrients along the branch to strengthen the interior shoots. He also said to style to the long growth to look its best. I am thinking that will mean some bud selection and shoot pinching to the long growth as it becomes stronger to prevent it from always being more than twice the size of the interior shoots.